Affiliate Program

Affiliate program

Do you want your project bring an additional income? Become an affiliate program member, offer transfer to the visitors of your site, your friends in social networks or on forums and receive 7,25% commission from each order.

Whom we invite to join us?

Everyone who aimed at improving the efficiency of their resource strives to make it as useful as possible and to build their success. If your business is sale of tourist, travel and leisure services, and the target market people who are planning trips, so you are welcome to join us.

We are waiting for:

  • Webmasters.
  • Travel agencies offering tours to the Koh Samui island.
  • Bloggers, who want to attract new readers and earn at the same time.
  • Site owners of the tourist and related subjects and groups in social networks.

Sell transfers and receive affiliate revenue from every order done, with minimal effort and using a simple scheme of interaction.

Why is this profitable?

From Bangkok International Airport to Koh Samui departs daily around 20 flights operated by Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways airlines, and from Donsak pier and Chumphon pier ferries leave and land to the island 16 times a day.
An average, almost 7,000 people a day comes to the island, some of them ordered a private transfer at least to the hotel.

Operating principle of our Affiliate Program.

All you need is – to register, which takes a couple of minutes, to place on your resource an affiliate link, which are selecting from the ready-made advertising banners or from your unique text.

The registration of the orders is carrying out by an affiliate program IDs. Following the link or banner, the user (referral) reserves and pays for the transfer. Your referrer ID is assigning in user browser’s cookies and used by allowing you receive your commissions.

Key features:

  • The accrual of interest for each purchased order. It means that even if you book roundtrip transportation for one client, you will receive a commission for each of the trips.
  • Saving an affiliate ID for 180 days. We consider all orders of the user, committed for one month from the last clicking on the banner.
  • Regular payment of the commission. Commission will be transfer several times a month from the sum of 1000 Thai bath (~30 USD).

No matter the scale of your business or the size of your site or blog – everyone could earn money without investment, because registering and using the banner is free.

The partnership with is transparent! We provide you a personal area with detailed statistics of sales that allows you to track all the information: quantity, location and time click-through banners or links, paid orders and the size of the commission.

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