NATHON PIER (Seatran Ferry)

Seatran Ferry

The Seatran Ferry Pier itself is a truly impressive area, which can accommodate hundreds of passengers who are waiting for their transfer from one ferry to another.

Every day through this berth pass a numerous car and track ferries, as well as endless passenger ferries and boats who ply the gulf and making a sightseeing tour or bringing tourists to the destination point.

From this pier, which is located on the North-West of Koh Samui, tourists can travel to any of the amazing beaches such as Lamai or Chaweng, the last one is the main object of pilgrimage for tourists who gather there.

Seatran Ferry Pier is the major port for ferries on Koh Samui, which is the main point of arrival and departure for island travelers.
Our Company provides Transfer service from Seatran Ferry Pier to all areas of the island.

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