Kayaking at Angthong Marine Park Tour


On entry at the park , our guide gives you a briefing of the activities of the day. This one day tour includes kayaking, sightseeing and snorkeling. We own a fleet of the best and most professional kayaks (Ocean Kayaks as its brand is called). The name of the model is Malibu Two, which is known as the world’s best sit-on-top sea kayak. Before you can start paddling, our tour guide will also give you an instruction on how to steer your kayak around the waters. The Ocean Kayaks are easy to maneuver. You don’t need any previous experience to be on this tour!

Kayaking, sightseeing and snorkeling

The kayaking experience starts at Koh Mae Ko, halfway Angthong Marine Park. Our guide will lead the way as you paddle along the white sandy beach of this island. We then head to the shores, where you can have a look at the beautiful Emerald lake (also referred to as Green Lagoon). We then head back to the boat for a delicious Thai buffet lunch. The boat heads to our next stop: to the northern end of Angthong Marine Park: ‘Koh Tai Plao’.