Sea Walking on Koh Samui


Welcome to the Sea walking tour on Koh Samui! Sea walking is considered as the safest ‘underwater sport’ around. It is available to anyone in any age group. Can you breathe? Can you walk? Than you can surely do a Sea Walk! The surroundings around Koh Samui are amazing and there are still many spots where you can enjoy the underwater life. No need to go to Koh Tao, try it here first!

For the sea walking tour no training is required. We have the largest underwater program on Samui with high safety standards and insurance. Sea Walking is not only fun to do, it’s also wonderful educational experience. Learn about the mysteries of the underwater world, while you are being part of it. Are you a non-diver or even non-swimmer or you wear glasses? Don’t worry, you can still join us and enjoy walking on the bottom of the sea , a truly non-gravity environment. This tour runs every day.